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My thoughts on Redfin Stock (Next Big Growth Stock?)



Date: 2020-09-14 23:30:03

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Mel Anic, former Redfin Employee:

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First, let me give you an example of how brilliant this company is. let’s say you want to buy a house. Every house listed by Redfin has Matterport 3D tours. Many of you know I love this; this is very smart – other brokers refuse to make this a norm. I think that’s stupid and Redfin is winning by including Matterport tours on everything. But that’s not the brilliant part. The brilliant part is this: let’s say you’re a buyer and you want to buy a house. You sign up to work with a Redfin agent. Well, you can now get preapproved by a Redfin loan officer along with getting connected with an agent. Then, when your browsing, your agent at Redfin knows exactly what you’re looking at and which houses you’re favoriting. And when you setup your own searches, you get emails branded as if your own agent personally hand picked these for you. Folks! This company is nailing conversion and efficiency — and they’re doing it so well! They’re doing what Rocket Mortgage is doing in loans – and they’re on track to keep winning in the real estate space. They’re already testing agent-less showings where redfin buyers can unlock a door with their phone and the redfin app. RedfinNow allows people to sell homes as is to Redfin for fast cash. Redfin Concierge services allow sellers to fix up their home before selling – this by the way is why I became a licensed contractor – it’s low margin but it’s honestly a brilliant way to steal market share. And then they have Redfin’s listing service where they’ll sell your house for a lower commission than the competition. Right now, Redfin only has .92% share of the US home sales market. – which means their potential for growth is exponential. Their biggest competitor, purplebricks, went bankrupt. In an interview with Mel Anic a prior redfin listing agent, he said he went from having 2 deals to getting a job at Redfin in 2016 and making 84,000 his first year at the job. Mel gave me an example of a 22 year old who just does open houses and showings and he’s making $1,000 per weekend

The biggest driver in growth is it’s home flipping business called RedfinNow. This side of the business has more than doubled since 2019, BUT the home flipping business isn’t making money right now either. They’re spending slightly more than they’re making. If you want to see how I’ve incorporated redfin into my investing strategy, make sure to go to to latest on my recommendations for how to spread out your tech investments.

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