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Huge New IPO Stock Coming: Home Flipping OpenDoor [iBuyer]



Date: 2020-09-16 12:00:07

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Hey everyone Meet Kevin here, have you ever heard of flipping houses? Well a HUGE IPO is coming based on the premise of flipping houses. They’re called iBuyers. And we have some big news for Zillow, Redfin, Opendoor, and iBuyers in general today. Chamath Palihapitiya, aka CHAMATH Is announcing the merger of his $600 billion dollar blank check company with OpenDoor. This is huge and I’m going to break down exactly what’s happening in this video. **What Chamath Says** Because of the pandemic, people are optimizing for quality of life and they’re moving. 75m millennials are starting to enter the housing market. He says Americans are escaping the big cities and moving out to areas with lower costs of living and he wants to make OpenDoor the Amazon of housing basically and Fed says interest rates will effectively be at 0 making housing less expensive. In this video I’ll talk stock risks, revenue, projects, how to make money from Opendoor’s merger, should you invest in Opendoor, should you invest in Zillow, should you invest in Redfin, should you buy Redfin stock, should you buy Zillow stock, should you Sell Redfin Stock, should you Sell Zillow stock, what are the risk factors of this investment and what happened with Opendoor that we need to know about today.

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