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China ‘s mountains ” Brokeback “

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China ‘s Brokeback mountain children – Subscribe : called cold mountain

Children from cold mountain ( liangshan ) suffering from cold, hard work and deprivation of most pleasantries kids in the west west are are accustomed to..

This mountain in China resembles to most part it’s namesake . Except that its slopes ARE a real brokeback.

If you see their misery you will feel sad. There are many children in need throughout the world. Photography shown is from a deprived area in China.

The cold mountain area is difficult to access, as a result there are many street children and children are used for hard manual labor in order to supplement families income.

It’s terrifying see these poor kids wandering about in ragged clothes. The tribal leaders are part of a minority in China, and strongly defend their traditions.

As a result children of cold mountain do not get education as easy as in other parts of China.

During cold winters life is exceptionally harsh on cold mountain. We feel for those poor kids when watching them carrying heavy loads up the mountains packed like donkeys.

Such is their life, and every member of the family has to help to make ends meet.

We hope to create awareness with this video and may be some help organizations would like to sponsor.

They suffer more than their counterparts elsewhere in warmer areas, Winter is harsh, and all resources are limited, including heating materials.

The government is now embarking on an improvement programme that should change their overall hopes and future.



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