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Amalfi coast Italy and Sicily – we spent some days there in summer ( also in Puglia Riccione, Rimini ).

This video shows life on a calm Sunday morning in a quiet town in Sicily Italy ( Noto ) where calm still is the main theme.

People gather at local cafes after church service. Sicily wakes up at night when all folks are out after the escape of the day’s heat.

Sicily s heat is ferocious to say. One needs to drink water lots of it . All people having coffee in the piazza.

Sicily is located about 6 h by car from Amalfi coast, first from Giardini-Naxos (Taormina) to Naples, then an hour back to Sorrento on the Circumvesuviano train.

If you are going to Positano, only take it as far as Salerno, then use the ferry to from Salerno to Positano.

Amalfi is one of the most scenic coastlines in Italy.

I would say perhaps with the exception of Puglia, which can compete in terms of beauty.
Puglia is reached, though not on a fast route on the opposite side from Naples.

Its highways are built well and it takes you about 6 h from Messina Sicily to its capital Bari, driving rather slower than usual.

When you drive in Puglia, or Amalfi, the beauty is breathtaking anyhow, so why should you waste this on fast car rides that show you little, or you miss the most scenic places.

Rimini and Riccione lay further down the Adriatic sea, close to where Italy s boot has its widest part.

From Riccione and Rimini – I would advise to go during the high season of July or August, millions of Italians occupy these two places, not only, but predominantly.

Riccione and Rimini are also very expensive, as a result, so you may plan well ahead before visiting.

Puglia is an absolute favorite.


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